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LMM Solutions values client feedback to help us improve. 

In addition to the six-monthly Net Promoter Score surveys for our Executive Committee members, we are now including Client Feedback Survey forms with agendas of all General Meetings / Annual General Meetings.  This aims to formally gather feedback from all owners in our client's developments to measure our performance and identify how we can improve the services we provide.

To reward our valued clients for their time, we are pleased to announce that from June 2018 onwards we will be running a monthly draw for a $50 gift card to be awarded to one lucky winner from the survey respondents of the previous month.  Your entry stays in the draw pool for six months so you have six chances to win!


Congratulations to our winners (updated monthly)

2018 Winners

JUNE: Robert Reid at UP3787

JULY: Jack Lee at UP4139
AUGUST: Unclaimed - No entries

SEPTEMBER: Alice Blichfeldt at UP1797

OCTOBER: Unclaimed - No entries 

NOVEMBER: Unclaimed - No entries

DECEMBER: Unclaimed - No entries

2019 Winners

JANUARY: Sandra at UP914

FEBRUARY: Paul at UP665

MARCH: Unclaimed - No entries

APRIL: Frank at UP2081

MAY: Unclaimed - No entries

JUNE: Sam at UP2809

JULY: Peter at UP3645

AUGUST: Unclaimed - No entries

SEPTEMBER: Queenie at UP4401

OCTOBER: Duncan McCullough at UP037

NOVEMBER: Unclaimed - No entries

DECEMBER: Unclaimed - No entries

2020 Winners

JANUARY: Unclaimed - No entries

FEBRUARY: Jan & Stan Simsey at UP561

MARCH: Unclaimed - No entries

APRIL: Janis Dogan at UP3590

MAY: Daryl Lapsley at UP1218

JUNE: Annie Lockwood at UP1429

JULY: Joanne Beaumont at UP2809

AUGUST: Julie Noble at UP4125

SEPTEMBER: Mayadass Brijmohun at UP4137

OCTOBER: Aouni Rad at UP1855

NOVEMBER: Darshan Sharma at UP3645

DECEMBER: Hiten Patel at UP4137

2021 Winners

JANUARY: Varun Sharma at UP4137

FEBRUARY: Ann Ertgen at UP1784

MARCH: Ronald Pilley at UP1855

APRIL: Rita Younes at UP4125

MAY: Steve Nolan at UP1649

JUNE: Wendy Oldmeadow at UP4252

JULY: TO BE DRAWN 15th August 2021

AUGUST: TO BE DRAWN 15th September 2021

SEPTEMBER: TO BE DRAWN 15th October 2021

OCTOBER: TO BE DRAWN 15th November 2021

NOVEMBER: TO BE DRAWN 15th December 2021

DECEMBER: TO BE DRAWN 15th January 2022

See the Terms and Conditions for this draw.

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully.  Please contact us if you have any questions.   

Last Update 15 July 2021

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