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LMM Solutions specialises in Strata Management in Canberra and the surrounding suburbs in ACT.

2021 Local Business Award Winner

Outstanding Real Estate Award Winner 2021

Our clients love our strata team.  They're proactive, responsive professional and thorough.  We get strata developments under control quickly, and they stay that way.  Owner's Corporation and Executive Committees are informed every step of the way through our Owner's Portal and our 24 x 7 free support provides piece of mind whenever you have questions.  See our testimonials for more information and get in touch.  Read More ...

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Jim, EC Member UP3645 and UP3787

I am the owner of several Strata units located within the ACT and New South Wales.  My first venture into Strata complexes was in 2002 when I purchase in Port Macquarie.  It took me several years to fully appreciate the role of the Strata Manager and how the Executive Committee fitted into the whole process.  I am currently the member of six ECs – ranging from a complex of three units to a complex of 100 units.

I’ll admit to becoming used to excellent Strata management with my Port Macquarie properties and it wasn’t until I purchased in the ACT that I realised that there was certainly a huge scope in the interpretation of what “good service” actually meant.  My second purchase in the ACT (May
2012) enabled me to meet Lauren, as she was employed by a large strata organisation at that time, and I must say, my faith in Strata management within the ACT was restored that to Lauren.


Lauren’s approach, genuine care and resolute attitude provided me with sufficient motivation to change Strata Managers of my other ACT strata properties and I was very pleased to have Lauren managing my complexes.  The other EC members were equally impressed.


Now that Lauren has established her own company I have initiated a process to move both my ACT properties to LMM Solutions and I have the support of my fellow EC members to make the change when those contracts expire.  Lauren’s management processes are certainly worth seeking out and her company will reflect her attitude.


I believe the larger Strata management companies become more focussed on internal politics and often look at the EC and unit owners as an inconvenience.  I certainly prefer a smaller company as they strive to ensure that all of their unit owners are happy with the service provided.  I have always been impressed with Lauren – the way she would always ask the EC if we were happy with a job before she paid the invoice – the way she’d follow up issues with troublesome residents.  


Lauren has terrific knowledge of the Strata laws and provide very helpful advice when the EC is trying to resolve a problem. Every unit owner wants value for money which must also be measure
against the level of service which will be received and I have absolutely no doubt that LMM will provide excellent service as well as being very competitive.

Client Feedback

LMM Solutions has an exceptional level of service and we constantly strive to improve and keep our clients happy.

Feedback is critical for us to understand how we're performing and we value each and every comment.

Every six months our clients are independently surveyed to gather feedback on our performance and to determine our Net Promoter Score.  Click here to read more.

As a result, we're very proud to present our extensive list of client feedback here

In addition, our clients frequently offer to act as references and are therefore able to give you their feedback and answer your questions directly -- Just get in touch with us and we'll hook you up.

Make the move to LMM Solutions.

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